The 3 Primary Goals of any BPM Endeavor

Business Process Management Goals

What will Business Process Management do for your organization?

Implementing a BPM solution requires quite a bit of effort from both business and IT resources.  I think it is always wise to have some guiding principles/goals that become overarching for any project.  Below are the primary goals/advantages of automating any process through the use of BPM tools:

Improve effectiveness – Just how will the implementation provide enhanced effectiveness of your workers.  Will it increase success and ensure desired output?  Does it provide the desired result?

Increase efficiency – Doing more with less is just the way of competitive business today.  How do we make sure we are operating at max capacity, and being as efficient as possible?  Ensuring that time and resources are used wisely is a core tenet of any BPM initiative.

Improve Productivity – Improving your organizations capability to produce high quality, sustainable services or products in a repeatable manner is essential to success.  BPM can tune your processes and take productivity to new heights.

These three feed on each other, and are interdependent, and should be an overarching goal for the constant improvement a Business Process Management (BPM) framework can provide.