SharePoint Report: Latest AIIM Industry Watch Survey

SharePoint Report BPM and BPA

Sharepoint for Business Applications and BPM Stats

The latest AIIM SharePoint report is on the street, below are some highlights concerning BPM, BPA, Workflow, Forms and LOB Integration:

  • 400 Organizations Interviewed
  • Experience over the past 15 Years
  • 53% have connected SharePoint with Line of Business (LOB) Systems, but struggle with implementation.
  • 45% struggle with building business applications in SharePoint, including workflow, forms, reporting
  • 34% plan to move to the cloud

Here is a link to the report and an infographic:

SharePoint Report

SharePoint Report Infographic



Six Tips For Better SharePoint Business Apps

Apps in SharePoint for Workflow, Forms and Reports

SharePoint Workflow, Forms and Reports

Great quick read on building apps in SharePoint.  Quick summary on tips:

  1. Easy to use tools
  2. Security
  3. Governance
  4. Intuitive Interfaces
  5. Experience
  6. Future Planning

Full article can be found here:  Tips for Better Business Apps in SharePoint


NHS E-Noting: A Case Study in Business Application Transformation

Business Apps for Healthcare

BPM / Business Apps in Healthcare

Going paperless and moving toward a digital healthcare strategy are hot topics in the media and
can help patients and doctors alike modernize and improve the quality of systems and data.  See this cool video overview of how Guy’s and St Thomas’ NHS Foundation Trust used K2 Apps to streamline their process.  ( Case Study here: BPM and Forms in Healthcare )

BPM and Accounting: Better Vendor On-boarding Webinar

Vendor Onboarding automation with BPM

BPM & Workflow in Accounting – Solutions

Is your vendor on-boarding process repetitive, labor intensive and time consuming?  Manually capturing and validating vendor information, along with the necessary paper-based authorizations to stay in compliance can be error prone and resource heavy. For businesses today, working smarter means finding ways to streamline manual processes like your vendor onboarding process. Here are some tips and tricks that you can use to speed up and streamline vendor onboarding:

  1. Simplify and centralize your vendor requirements submission process
  2. Validate vendor information in real time
  3. Automate the routing and approval process
  4. Speed up authorizations and approvals
  5. Securely store information in the right systems of record

Register now for this webinar: BPM and Workflow in Accounting: Business Apps for Vendor On-boarding