BPM Case Study: Bufetat Safeguards Children with K2-Based Processes

BPM and Case Management

Case Management System Speeds Up Delivery of Urgent Services

This is a great example of K2 BPM Case Management being leveraged to manage correspondence, documentation and overall case work.

“K2 helps us to work efficiently and provide urgent help for children in desperate need of accommodation, protection and support.”

Magne Tiegen, senior IT advisor, Bufetat.

Bufetat is a government agency in Norway that is the Office for Children, Youth and Family affairs.   They are responsible for child welfare and family counseling throughout the country.  They have over 5600 case workers processing over 7500 documents per month, and blackpearl has provided a consistent, standardized approach to managing cases, and enhance visibility on the overall process.

The full case study can be read here:  Bufetat Case Management and BPM