Digital Signature Advantages

Digital Signatures with workflow and forms

Why the fuss about digital signatures?

Digital signatures have taken many industries by storm, but why aren’t all businesses moving to this advanced technology.   I wanted to give a quick overview of some of the core advantages:

  1.   Speed of Transaction – I see it all the time in my personal and business life:  “I will email you this document.  Can you print, sign and return?  Preferably via fax?”  Really?  Isn’t this 2015.  Saving time and money with documents that can be prepared for a quick digital transaction provides an efficient, simple way to conduct business.
  2. Scalability – Document preparation and processing is a costly and inefficient exercise for any business.  Try and grow your business with these legacy processes in place, and there are just so many transactions one person can complete in a day.
  3. Customer Service – customers find it so refreshing to just review and click, right through the convenience of their browser.
  4. Control and Insight – Digital signature technology today can be integrated with workflow, forms and business process applications.   Using these signatures creates a seamless process, and total control and visibility throughout the steps.  See K2’s integration here:  Digital Signatures in Business Process Applications and Workflow.
  5. Business Anywhere, Anytime – Digital signatures provide the ability to sign documents anywhere, anytime, regardless of device and location.

These are just a few advantages digital signatures can bring to any business.  Want to learn more?  Checkout the webinar below:

Workflow and Digital Signatures – The Webinar