BPA Case Study: Contract Management Solution: $216K per Year in Savings

Contract Management in SharePoint

SharePoint Real Estate Contract Management Solution

Management of real estate requires a great deal of documentation for its leaseholders.
With multiple contracts, reports, notices, bills and other documentation to produce
quickly every day, this real estate management company needed to find a way to take control
of the flow of information, and enable their property managers to be more efficient,
and more effective in a highly competitive marketplace.

It just so happens that combining SharePoint with Workflows, Forms and Reports created a powerful solution.

“We estimate we’re saving 240 hours a month of staff time in producing, tracking, approving and routing our documents. That’s about $216,000 a year in savings to the company,”
the Manager of Collaboration and Productivity says.


Read all about it here:  SharePoint and K2 Workflow, Forms and Reports for Real Estate Contract Management

The IT Dream: Self-service SharePoint Project Sites

SharePoint Sites and Lists Auto-Creation

SharePoint Site and List Auto-creation Through Self-service

So, this past week I had a few inquiries about how organizations can use K2 Forms and Workflow to automate IT SharePoint tasks.  Any organization that uses SharePoint sites for project management could leverage this tool for site and list auto-creation.  In the video demo below, I outline how you can use a simple SharePoint list to drive self service SharePoint creation tasks.



More on IT Management with BPM here:  Is IT Missing the BPM Boat?


Cloud Applications Event for Office 365 and Salesforce

IT Leadership Event at the Microsoft Technology Center in Irvine

Microsoft Office 365 has set a new bar for productivity platforms, and as a result, businesses far and wide are scrambling to leverage the power of its tools. If you have moved – or are moving – to Office 365, customizing your investment and integrating with your LOB apps and CRM solutions doesn’t have to be hard or time-consuming.

In this exclusive seminar, experts from K2 and Microsoft will cover solutions to help you create effective business apps fast. You’ll learn how to:

  • Improve productivity and business performance without a coding effort
  • Create rich forms and experiences that will actually get used
  • Design and deploy high-value business apps in a fraction of the time typically required
  • Integrate Office365 with your line of business apps and CRM solutions like Salesforce to push and pull data in real time with a single, regardless of location

There are only 30 slots available for this private event – please register now to reserve your spot.

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SharePoint Report: Latest AIIM Industry Watch Survey

SharePoint Report BPM and BPA

Sharepoint for Business Applications and BPM Stats

The latest AIIM SharePoint report is on the street, below are some highlights concerning BPM, BPA, Workflow, Forms and LOB Integration:

  • 400 Organizations Interviewed
  • Experience over the past 15 Years
  • 53% have connected SharePoint with Line of Business (LOB) Systems, but struggle with implementation.
  • 45% struggle with building business applications in SharePoint, including workflow, forms, reporting
  • 34% plan to move to the cloud

Here is a link to the report and an infographic:

SharePoint Report

SharePoint Report Infographic



Six Tips For Better SharePoint Business Apps

Apps in SharePoint for Workflow, Forms and Reports

SharePoint Workflow, Forms and Reports

Great quick read on building apps in SharePoint.  Quick summary on tips:

  1. Easy to use tools
  2. Security
  3. Governance
  4. Intuitive Interfaces
  5. Experience
  6. Future Planning

Full article can be found here:  Tips for Better Business Apps in SharePoint


SharePoint As A Catalyst For The Paperless Office

Digital Forms, Workflow and Build Your Own Applications

Forms, Workflow, Scanning and BPA

Presented this overview at SharePoint Saturday in Utah this past weekend.  Some good info on how to drive paperless transformation with 3 distinct technical phases: scanning, digital forms and workflow.  In the end, tie them all together by Building Your Own Apps (BYOA).