Business Process Management for Small Business: Finally Affordable

Workflow and Digital Forms for the small business

Digital Forms and Workflow Can Give You a Key Advantage

For the longest time, the Business Process Management tool set has been out of reach for the Small Business.  Digital Forms, Workflow and Reporting on Process were way too expensive, and business settled for “poor man’s” workflow: spreadsheets and email.  The landscape has changed, and there are now a broad variety of cloud-based tools available and at a price point that just makes sense from a Return on Investment (ROI) perspective.  For $500 to $1000 per month, a 100 person business can now glean all the advantages or process automation and digital transformation (read paperless 😉 ).  Below are some core areas where small businesses are driving efficiency and improvement:

  1. Digital Transformation – Most businesses see document scanning as a path to the paperless office.  But with digital forms and workflow, you never create paper, and your documents and processes are “born digital.”  Preventing paper provides powerful efficiency, and makes insight and reporting to your business process a snap.  Whether it is automating your sales order process or managing customer service, digital business process can transform any small business.
  2. Customer Service – Providing top-notch customer service can be difficult for small companies that just don’t have enough staff to handle the ebb and flow of the business cycle.  Using technology to automate customer communication and interaction makes sure that customers are served promptly, and all interactions are tracked.
  3. Foundation for Growth – Growth can be a blessing and a curse, and adding headcount is not always an option.  The process automation that business process management software brings to the table can keep costs low, maximize efficiency and productivity,  and let you add employees where needed.
  4. Business Applications – Have you ever just wanted a quick little application to solve a business issue?  Say you want to manage product returns, manage time off for employees, or just build a structured way to gather new ideas from employees.  With BPM software, it’s like having your own custom software development team in-house.  Drag and drop to build anything, only limited by your imagination.

So what does one of these application look like?  Where can you get more information?  K2 has a fantastic workflow, forms and reports product for small business called Appit.  Below is a quick video overview of the company and products:


Want more info to see how K2 can change your business today?


BPA: Solving 5 Top SAP Business App Challenges

SAP Workflow, Forms, Reports

Making SAP Workflow, Forms and Reports a Snap with Smart Data

SAP can be a challenge for many CIOs trying to stay on budget and meet a demanding deployment schedule.  Projects that focus on building business apps that connect to the ERP system have traditionally required teams of developers and experts to create custom solutions.  Below are 5 top challenges:

  1. Business apps should reduce complexity and increase agility.
  2. Business apps should reduce or bypass SAP user interface challenges
  3. Business apps should build bridges between technology silos.
  4. Business apps should speed up implementation
  5. Business apps should maintain governance and speed up approval cycles

For a full explanation of how to solve each of these core challenges, see the full report: Solving SAP Business App Challenges

Six Tips For Better SharePoint Business Apps

Apps in SharePoint for Workflow, Forms and Reports

SharePoint Workflow, Forms and Reports

Great quick read on building apps in SharePoint.  Quick summary on tips:

  1. Easy to use tools
  2. Security
  3. Governance
  4. Intuitive Interfaces
  5. Experience
  6. Future Planning

Full article can be found here:  Tips for Better Business Apps in SharePoint