5 Advantages of Digital Forms

Collecting data with digital forms

It is amazing how many businesses still conduct many customer facing operations using paper, especially when it comes to collecting data.  With all the talk of the benefits of the paperless office, eliminating paper is still a slow process for most organizations.  While scanning and capture can help reduce paper workloads, the next logical step is usually the elimination of paper-based forms with digital forms.  Below are some of the key benefits of any paperless form initiative:

  • Cost Savings from Paper Forms – the most basic benefit is the cost savings on form production and printing.  Depending on how you create your forms, this can be a tremendous cost savings both in production, and in the back end processing.
  • Rapid Deployment – with digital forms, you can create your form quickly, and deploy it just as fast.  No more waiting for print services or a form order.  Faster deployment means collecting that data, and a shorter time to data usability.
  • Instant Access to Data – with digital forms, your data is instantly accessible, in real time.  You can quickly and easily make informed business decisions with all the information you require.
  • Reduced Operational Costs – without the need for back-end form data entry and/or scanning and processing, you can now reduce personnel requirements, and drive down costs.
  • Enable Your Mobile Workforce – with the advent of mobile technology, everyone can now be a “data collector”.  Gathering information from all your employees can now be accomplished in the blink of an eye, from any location.

Did I miss any?  Please comment.