Top 4 Reasons To Make The Move From IBM Lotus Notes

Notes replacement and migration

Migrating Away From Lotus Notes

More and more organizations are choosing to migrate from Lotus Notes and Domino, and move to a more robust, flexible platform.  Below are the 4 top reasons to move away from Lotus Notes and optimize your business applications:

  1. Efficiently build and rebuild your applications – the development cycle in Notes is notoriously long, and plagued with hard to find resources.  Gravitating towards a no-code application platform can alleviate the timing issue, and put power in the hands of non-developers.
  2. Leverage existing investments – crossing silos in IT infrastructure is required for efficient business process, and leveraging infrastructure and investment in enterprise line of business apps is a necessity.  Access to Microsoft systems, as well as SAP, Salesforce and other systems of record is a must.
  3. Manage applications from start to finish – the ability to provide insight to application and process has become a standard for efficiency and maximum productivity.  Reports and data need to be easily accessible and readily shared.
  4. Agility and Change – building the monolithic app that takes years to assemble and months to modify can no longer be an operating mode.  Business must quickly adapt to markets and customers, and take advantage of all the benefits of rapid change.

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