BPA Platform Value: The Before

No-code Platforms Deliver Rapid Returns

This is the first in a series of posts that will present the benefit and value across 3 distinct phases of the BPA Value chain: before, during and after.  Let’s start with the “before”, or the phase from idea inception to deployment, or really the solution development.

It might seem to be quite obvious the value and benefits no-code business app platforms , obviously no-code implies speed to production.

That’s true, but I think its necessary to take a deeper look at how BPA can transform solution delivery.  IT departments today are becoming custom dev shops, and when you look at any of the top business platforms today (Salesforce, SAP, Oracle, SharePoint) they meet a decent percentage of an organizations needs, but there is always customization required.  Those projects can be complex, and require substantial investments in both dollars and time.

No code Business Application
The IT Project Logjam

So, how can no-code App Platforms help?

With core components that can be leveraged by dev and IT all together, or as separate building blocks for specific purposes.  These building blocks are:

  • Integration (smartobjects)
  • UI (forms)
  • Workflow
  • Reports
Business Process Application Components
BPA Building blocks: Forms, Workflow, Data and Reports

An example would be K2’s data integration layer, or smartobjects, which allow configuration-based integration to all your line of business systems.  That layer can be configured once, and then reused over and over, and can be surfaced as a web service for other apps in your organization.  Robust BPA platforms provide separate design canvases for all types of personas.   You can enable your “citizen” developers with a simple designer, or perhaps leverage an embedded SharePoint capability to take some load off and push apps to the business, but you can still leverage advanced, deep designers for complex and advanced work.

Beyond reuse, and broad design capabilities, here are some core benefits:

  • Shorten time to “market”
  • Reduction in backlog
  • Simplified, rapid integration
  • Extension of delivery capability
  • IT automation
  • Agility (change management)
  • Platform for the future

Just a quick overview of some of the key values.  Did I miss any?


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