Cool BPM Case Study: Aviation + Healthcare

Digital BPM in Healthcare

Managing flight schedules with BPM

I always like to share unique case studies that show how BPM can be utilized for just about any business problem.  See below:

CareFlight is an Australian aero-medical retrieval service and charity, established in 1986. CareFlight’s mission is to save lives, speed recovery and serve the community by providing the highest standard of rapid response critical care. Using a medically configured fleet of 14 rotary and fixed wing aircraft, CareFlight brings hospital-level care to the seriously ill and injured.

CareFlight looked long and hard for a solution to fix inefficiencies in their business, and ran across K2 at a Microsoft Conference and was immediately sold.

“Once he [C3 Manager] saw what was possible with K2, he was sold instantly,” Hoani said.

The first solution built was an aircraft tasking application for the CareFlight Coordination Centre (C3). Before K2, this aviation process was manually intensive. Now, the flow of information and data capture is far faster and much smoother.

To read the full case study, go here:  CareFlight BPM Automation with K2



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