5 Great BPM Articles on CIO.com

BPM Resources

BPM, Low Code Platforms, Mobile Process, Strategy and More

CIO Magazine Online has some great assets on BPM, with a broad ranging set of articles covering all types of topics.   Here are 5 posts everyone should read if you are in the market for BPM solutions, or just want to stay current on the topic:

Why BPM is Broken  – A quick glance at the “pre-active” process, and the importance of agility in Business Process Management.

Low-code Business Apps vs. Traditional BPM – a look at the latest no/low code trend, and how it is disrupting the BPM market.

Delivering Mobile Process Efficiency – a look at the mobile evolution, and the impact on process and how work gets done.

BPM, Strategy and Agility –  A look at why “Speed is King” in the modern BPM era.

Paper, Process and Business Apps – Taking a peek at traditional business process, and the impact of new technologies and Business App Platforms.






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