6 eGuides for Every Law Firm Looking to Automate

Creating a digital law firm

Assets for Law Firms:  Business Process Management

Creating a digital law firm comes with many challenges, and resources are difficult to find that are succinct and to the point.  I have aggregated 6 eGuides focused on partners, IT and architects in firms.  Below is the set of resources.

Law Firm Partner Series

The first series of eGuides is devoted to partners, with a focus on profitability, building client relationships and conflict management.  See the links below:

The Digital Law Firm: Paper to Profitability

Digital Legal Strategies: Staff and Clients

Law Firm IT Series

Information Technology in any firm is tasked with managing a vast plethora of tools.  From various case management apps, to financials, reporting and Microsoft apps, building an infrastructure that is all tied together is a major challenge.  Below are some great eGuides to help with the BPM/BPA journey:

Legal IT: Building Agility Into Your Strategy

Legal IT: Automating Your Firm With BPM

Law Firm Solutions/Application Architect Series

Finding a solution that can provide for all a firm’s requirements, and remain flexible is a core challenge for any technical architect.  Below are some great resources for gathering information and support for new solutions:

Legal Solutions Architects: Gathering Requirements for Digital Change Management

Legal Solutions: Gaining Senior Management Commitment






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