BPA Case Study: Contract Management Solution: $216K per Year in Savings

Contract Management in SharePoint

SharePoint Real Estate Contract Management Solution

Management of real estate requires a great deal of documentation for its leaseholders.
With multiple contracts, reports, notices, bills and other documentation to produce
quickly every day, this real estate management company needed to find a way to take control
of the flow of information, and enable their property managers to be more efficient,
and more effective in a highly competitive marketplace.

It just so happens that combining SharePoint with Workflows, Forms and Reports created a powerful solution.

“We estimate we’re saving 240 hours a month of staff time in producing, tracking, approving and routing our documents. That’s about $216,000 a year in savings to the company,”
the Manager of Collaboration and Productivity says.


Read all about it here:  SharePoint and K2 Workflow, Forms and Reports for Real Estate Contract Management


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