Build vs. Buy: A Whitepaper and Case Study for All CIOs

Business Process Applications

Build or Buy? Some Key Information


Every story is the same, with some minor differences.  IT departments are struggling, and trying to avoid becoming full time software development houses.  But let’s face it, building custom applications, forms and integrations is just part of the job.  I wanted to share this cool video and white paper put out by K2 focused on the “Build vs. Buy” dilemma.

They conducted an experiment with two developers of equal experience level.  They had one build out an expense application with a variety of forms in custom code (, and the other built out the application using K2 smartforms.

“I have newfound respect for the power of K2 smartforms.
Put any ASP.NET developer through this exercise,
and they will come to the exact same conclusion –
this product is freakin’ awesome!” Eugene, the Dev

They predicted that K2 would be 4x faster, but in the end, it was 8x faster than custom dev.  The white paper here outlines all the requirements of the project, as well as some other details:

White paper: Easy vs. Hard : A True Story of the Power of K2

And here is the video they put together that shows a time-lapse:


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