Opening the Door: BYOA for the IBM iSeries/AS400/DB2

AS400 Reports and Forms

Making Your IBM Data Accessible for Workflows, Forms and Reports


One of the core challenges for any IT Department today is the ability to “Open the Door” to all systems, and make information accessible.  The legacy and stability of the IBM platform has made it core to business operations in many vertical industries, but it is difficult to access the information in a user friendly manner.  Opening up access to the data that lies within, can provide amazing efficiency and improvements in productivity, and a business apps platform can help.   The new trend of BYOA, or Build Your Own Apps, relies on the following core components:

  • Data – it all starts with the data layer.  The ability to integrate with IBM, Salesforce, Oracle, SQL, SharePoint, etc., is critical in building applications.  Take it to the next level, and provide a no code solution as a binding force, and now you have a fantastic foundation.
  • Forms – Once the data is accessible, you now have the ability to build forms, and provide an all-in-one interface that can show information from multiple line of business systems.  Creating, reading, updating and deleting information can now be controlled through a browser based, friendly interface.
  • Workflow – with access to system data, now building efficient business processes can be streamlined.  Data can be presented, and readily accessible in any process.
  • Reports – with readily accessible data, reports are now just a visual form, and information can be presented in a dynamic and useful way.

All of this can be provided through a NO CODE solution.   Join us for a Webinar on Tuesday, April 21st, and see how you can give your IBM infrastructure a fresh new look, and leverage all that BYOA can provide.

Webinar Registration: BYOA: Business Apps for IBM AS400 and DB2




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